We are pleased to announce the launch of an International Interfaith Reading Group on Sacred Literature in Interfaith Contexts, which will explore various genres of religious texts from multifaith and multidisciplinary perspectives.

Most faiths have a rich history of sacred texts. They are an indispensable component of material culture as they provide the foundation of doctrinal tenets be they the word of God as revealed to prophets, oral stories retold by one generation to another over centuries, or written down in books. Infused with mysticism and revelation, with their unique composition and style, revealing the genius of their creators in poetry or prose, they describe the historical context of Divine revelation.

Encounter with these texts enables the reader to grasp their sacred nature, and their shared spiritual heritage with other religions. Partly because these texts are revered, they are often regarded as fossilized, but historically, they were regularly repurposed to inspire new revelations.

The aim of the Reading Group is to explore, by means of selected readings, a rich tapestry of sacred literature and reflect on its role as a source of inspiration and revelation in various interfaith contexts.

We will meet, for an hour once a month, via Zoom. An invited speaker will introduce and discuss a specific masterpiece of sacred literature. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion.

The Reading Group is open to anyone and we invite you to register your initial interest below.

If you would like to join the Sacred Literature in Interfaith Contexts Reading Group, please REGISTER HERE

Conceptions of Revelation in Interfaith Contexts

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