We are pleased to announce the launch of an International Interfaith Reading Group on Manuscripts in Interfaith Contexts which will explore this unique venue of interreligious relationship through an interdisciplinary and multicultural lens.

Manuscripts are very valuable artefacts of material culture. As powerful mediums of transmission of the religious and historical heritage from one generation to another, they are often the only tangible remains of the glorious past. Manuscripts possess a rare ability to document and transmit kaleidoscopic glimpses of how scribes and artists from diverse faith traditions sought and found ways to honour the sacred texts of their communities.

Sometimes religious texts are portrayed as creating division, but nuanced study of manuscripts reveals dynamic collaboration between diverse scribal networks from various faith traditions. Exploration of manuscripts in their historical environment enables us to chart the depiction of the religious “Other” across cultures and religions.

This Reading Group suggests that manuscripts are powerful witnesses of interfaith collaboration and study of their rich legacy not only enhances our understanding of traditional narrative texts, but also sheds a new light on the development of interreligious relationships across time and space.

We will meet once a month via Zoom, for an hour, to explore a specific masterpiece. A presentation by an invited speaker will be followed by an open discussion.

The Reading Group in open to anyone and we invite you to register your initial interest below.

Gallery of Sessions

Recordings of Past Sessions